chalazion and stye

Eye Styes and Chalazions

Not many people are aware of what a chalazion is – it is a cyst on the eyelid that is a result of a blocked oil gland. If you want to see one, take a look at my video where I actually happen to be in the midst of suffering from one!

The symptoms of a chalazion are the eyelid become heavier and tender with a bit of swelling and some redness.

With all the blinking it can become irritating and obviously it’s not a good look to have something like this to feature so prominently on our face.

It actually looks worse than what it is. It can be treated with antibiotic drops, a steroid, drainage of it and possibly even surgery.

It could actually go away on its own.

If it is quite big, it will be removed via an incision at the front of the eyelid.