eye surgery, glaucoma

Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma and Surgical Treatment

The reason why ophthalmologists go on and on about having regular eye exams is so glaucoma can be detected at an early stage.

The earlier it is detected, the sooner treatment can start and given the glaucoma isn’t as advanced, the treatment needed won’t be as invasive.

But let’s say a patient hasn’t had a regular eye exam and now they’re diagnosed with Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma?

So this could be treated with eye drops, laser surgery and the innovative MIGS which stands for Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery.

Should you have any questions about Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma or any other type of glaucoma please feel free to contact me.

eye surgery, glaucoma

How to Treat Angle Closure Glaucoma

Angle Closure Glaucoma is also known as narrow angle glaucoma. How should it be treated?

When angle-closure glaucoma the iris is narrower than it should be.

To¬† treat this we need to use a laser to remove a portion of the iris.Thankfully the surgery tends to work well and there aren’t any additional problems. Saying this, a patient should still have regular checkups to monitor the eye and how it’s healing.