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Exercise, Extremes and Macular Degeneration

This time of year, New Year’s Resolutions are very popular. A New Year signals a new start and all we pledge to stop putting off all the things we didn’t get round to.

A common theme of many resolutions is lifestyle – I want to go to bed earlier, eat less or work out more.

But could working out be bad for you?

A Korean study revealed that vigorous exercise could increase one’s chances of macular degeneration.

They found that men who exercised for five or more days a week had a 54% higher chance of it.

Before you cease to ever work out again, note the study depended on self-reporting which is notoriously unreliable and it was only an observational study.

Notwithstanding, what to make of this? Like I’ve written previously, anything good for your body is good for your eyes and vice versa.

If you put intense strain on your body, the body could well react adversely. Could running, working out and any form of exercise give you a heart attack? Possibly, but there are so many personal variables at play that it’s almost impossible to generalize.

Ultimately it’s all about balance and moderation. If you run a marathon, your body is clearly in great shape. Do it every day and you’re going to start feeling the strain.

Everyone knows that eating carrots is great for the eyes, but if you start to eat a ridiculous amount of them everyday you will begin to suffer side effects from it.

And this is the underlying message. Not that exercise is bad for the eyes, but vigorous exercise could be overdoing it.

Anything too much without balance and moderation is putting your body at risk.

Just like being overweight isn’t healthy, so too being underweight isn’t healthy either. It’s about striking that middle ground.

Good luck keeping those resolutions!