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Prevention Better Than Cure

We’re used  to feeling aches and pains in our body – headaches, upset stomach, a rash somewhere and the like.

Not our eyes though.

Often, if their eyes do hurt or are bothering them, they think it’s a symptom for something that is happening somewhere else in their body.

This thinking has to stop. We have to give our eyes more respect and consideration – especially as if they are the cause of the suffering, there are significant implications to delaying treatment.

We have the best facilities in the world, but many can be too busy to see a doctor. We put it off until it really hurts because well, it’s far less inconvenient.

Those in countries such as Nepal don’t have this inconvenience to worry about which is why they are having a Glaucoma Awareness Campaign to encourage early diagnosis of it. Detecting it at an earlier stage makes for a significantly better treatment.

Once people hit middle age and especially their 50s there is no need to wait until it hurts or aches. Proactively go for a test. Worse case, they tell you nothing is wrong and to go home, but if they do find something that isn’t good new, but detecting it early is!