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Strength in Numbers

The Jama Networks publishes some great studies and in October ran a study concerned with mortality rates in older women and the impact cataract surgery as on them.

Famed NYT Health columnist, Jane Brody, picked up the story today and this has garnered a lot of attention for the power of cataract surgery, especially in older people.

This in turn has seen the story picked up even more.

As I’ve written previously, the body is susceptible to all sorts of ailments and illnesses as we age and the eyes are no different. Once you hit 40 and definitely 50, you want to be going for regular check-ups to make sure everything is working as it should.

This is especially the case as if you are found to be suffering from something, you want to pick it up as early as possible. The more advanced the cataracts, the more complex the surgery will have to be.

A person who is 80 years of age who is starting to have their eyesight go, may feel they’ve lived a long and fulfilling life and may not bother about going to have eye surgery but they could have a further 10 or even 20 years of wonderful quality life. If they have great-grandkids or even great-great-grandkids, they should be able to see them and enjoy them.

Every day is a gift to be enjoyed and savored and part of that means having the best eyesight you can possibly have.