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Strength of the Doctor/Patient Bond

When a doctor is looking after a patient, they may only be there to examine and advise on their eyes, feet, teeth, skin, heart or whatever it may be but in reality you care about all of them.

You develop a bond with the patient and you truly care for their well-being.

This was evidence in Michigan when a doctor carried his patient through the snow so she could make her appointment. She is suffering from macular degeneration and wasn’t up to walking through the snow.

That is special and shows the lengths doctors will go to to make sure their patients are ok.

Normally people try to make sure that everything is ok and don’t want to convey any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Often they won’t even go to the doctor and put it off until they can do so no longer, so a doctor is in a unique position.

It is important that a doctor doesn’t overstep his or her bounds. Exceptional circumstances won’t be a problem but often the lines are blurred and it’s not clear-cut.

Here it was and Dr Gindzin did an amazing and wonderful thing!