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Waiting Game

ophthalmologist dr. alan mendelsohn

Tragic story emanating from England where it’s revealed that patients are waiting up to six months for cataract surgery.

For those patients in this unfortunate position, not only due to have to live with the pain of cataracts for much longer than they would want, but their visions could deteriorate even more.

It degenerating into permanent blindness is not out of the question.

There is no easy solution here. Cataract surgery is highly specialized and they may not have that many capable of performing it.

Additionally the operating theaters may not be available.

The two factors combine to produce the long wait.

This is why it’s so critically important to have regular checkups. If you do, something can be detected at a very early stage and if there is a wait  for surgery, it won’t have the same consequences as if it was already fully developed.

People don’t think of the eye doctor like they do the dentist, but those who go to the dentist regularly for a checkup are in a position where they can detect something in the preliminary stages.

You may have a cavity coming, why don’t we treat it in the next month, before it becomes too serious.

as opposed to

I’m in serious pain and have to have a cavity treated right now.

There may not be anything we can do about long waiting lists but we can be pro-active about our own health and wellbeing.